Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Migrating out of Poverty

The Migrating out of Poverty research programme consortium (RPC) has been awarded funding by the UK’s Department for International Development from July 2010.  It is focused on the relationship between migration and development.  Partners in the Migrating out of Poverty Consortium are committed to providing research evidence that will contribute to improving policies that affect the lives and well-being of poor migrants, their communities and countries through a programme of innovative research, capacity building and policy engagement activities.   This research programme builds on the work of the Development Research Centre on Migration Globalisation and Poverty (

Research programme
The main goal of the Consortium’s research programme will be to support policy makers and others in promoting pro-poor policies that will maximise the positive impacts of migration and minimise the costs and risks of migration.  In order to achieve this goal, the Consortium proposes to undertake research on the drivers and impacts of migration, and on the policies that influence or are affected by migration.  It will also work to ensure that high quality data on migration and poverty becomes more available and accessible.