Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Invitation to a workshop in London on gender, migration and development, 5 July

When: 5 July 2017, 09.30-13.30
Where: Christian Aid, 35-41 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7RL

The issue of migration is a hot topic all over the world in current times. Yet, there is a tendency to focus on the flows into Europe despite the fact that many more people remain within their continents. An extension of this focus is an undue insistence on separating legal and irregular migration, and desired and undesired migrants, when the reality of migration flows (and migrant categories) are, in fact, more mixed.

Aim of workshop: Re-focus the attention to migration beyond Europe. We will look at different forms of migration, for example labour migration, forced displacement, and adventure, and how they link with poverty reduction and development, or lack of same.

Understanding gendered and generational dimensions of these links will be at the centre of the discussion to debunk some of the myths about child migrants and migrant women, and to draw attention to social changes linked with migration that may empower women and girls and challenge power relations across generations.

We will identify gaps in the evidence needed to guide policy, programming and advocacy. We will also discuss strategies for countering the highly politicised policy processes that focus narrowly on migration flows and border control, without considering fully the many consequences of migration for migrants and those close to them.

What will we do?: The workshop is planned as a space for sharing knowledge and identifying synergies among international NGOs and researchers, with a view to establishing more durable links and collaborations. During the workshop participants have the opportunity to highlight research and learning priorities in their organisations and to discuss current and emerging issues in thematic groups. Depending on participant interests, thematic groups can focus on children and youths, internally displaced people, people affected by migration, and migrants and decent work.

Who is it aimed at?: It is a discussion that should be of interest to those working on poverty reduction, youth, and gender – whether they are migration experts or not. Our intention is to have multiple foci to share knowledge about migrants, internally displaced people, and refugees in the neighbour zones of conflicts and about the social, and highly gendered, outcomes of migration for non-migrants of different generations.

  • Dorte Thorsen and Kate Hawkins, Migrating out of Poverty Research Consortium
  • Sophie Efange and Fraser Murray, Christian Aid
  • Hannah Newth and Joe Costanzo, Save the Children
  • Howard Mollett and Rebecca Gibbons, Care International

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