Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Behind the research: Rozana Rashid

Over the course of the last 10 years, the Migrating out of Poverty consortium has drawn on the enthusiasm and expertise of many people across the globe. This blog series focuses on the people behind the research, who have kindly shared personal reflections and learning from their experience of working with the consortium.

Rozana is a Professor at the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka who worked with Migrating out of Poverty between 2014 and 2016. During this time, she was the lead researcher on the study Gendered practices of remittance use and the shaping of youth aspirations: A case study of Bangladesh conducted under the Intra-Household-Dynamics research theme.

“The biggest lesson I learned through my involvement in Migrating out of Poverty is that migration brings significant transformation in the social and public discourses and practices. These may contribute not only to better understand the context, but also to make useful interventions so that all groups in the society benefit from migration, 
irrespective of their different abilities.   
Migrating out of Poverty has had a sustained and long-term impact on my academic and professional career as it provided me with the opportunity to develop my expertise on (previously unexplored) intra-household dynamics of migrant households. This later helped me write and publish two working papers, a book chapter and a policy brief and share the findings with academia, migration stakeholders and media in conferences and workshops at home and abroad.”
The Migrating out of Poverty programme has been a true team effort, and we appreciate the role each individual has played in producing and disseminating the research.

Thank you for all your hard work with the Migrating out of Poverty programme, Rozana!

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